Tuesday, May 26, 2015

How to Rank up Free Company Fast with FFXIV Gil

For the players who build a new free company, ranking it up is a big problem. It takes a lot of time, what’s more, when a company hasn’t got Rank 5, Grand Company Buffs couldn’t be used. Company ranking up only uses company experience points, it seems that there is nothing associated with ffxiv gil. But in fact, enough FFXIV GIL could make company rank up easier. This is the experience I have got, it may be more or less useful to you.

For small companies, the best way to rank up is trading HQ gear for storm seal. According to my experience, when one player trade for storm seal, other company members had better log out, the online members should be three at best. Because one handing in HQ gear could get 95 company exp points, the second could get 117, the third could get 168, and the less members online the more company exp points we can get. If you have enough leveled crafting jobs and time, you could make HQ gear by yourself, making HQ gear could also get company experience points, but NQ couldn’t, and that handing in NQ gear can get half of HQ. So if you want to rank up fast, you’d better buy more HQ materials with ffxiv gil, or have full leveled crafting jobs. There is a good way to save ffxiv gil that you could use your storm seal to trade for gear, then use the gear to trade for storm seal again, you can get company exp points at the same time.

This method may be helpful to new companies, it is fast and it needn’t a lot of company members. We only need enough ffxiv gil, if you don’t have enough time to make HQ gear by yourselves, you can buy some directly.

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Friday, October 24, 2014

How to Get ESO Gold by easy tips

Whether it be real life or the in-game life of The Elder Scrolls Online, Gold is very hard to come by. There is no worse feeling than roaming around the streets of Tamriel looking at those vendors with a prurient eye wishing for some extra ESO Gold in your pockets to enhance your in-game experience.

 eso gold

I’m afraid I cannot do much about real life, but this guide will sure as shooting help you out with earning some extra bit of a coin in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Loot Enemies and Grab Everything
Most new players in The Elder Scrolls Online only pick up things they’re interested in and discard the rest. This is not something you should do; especially if you’re on a Gold Hunt.

You’ll certainly come across things that may feel like complete trash and won’t be worth adding to your weight load, but still keeping them is the real trick. The stuff you pick up can easily be sold to vendors for a good price. Also make sure to loot deadbodies, gather plant fibers, ores, animal pelts, ornaments, and what not! Pay these vendors a regular visit and sale the unwanted items.

Make Contacts and Start Trading
If you’re a new player to the series, you must know that nothing in The Elder Scrolls Online is a complete waste. Like I’ve aforementioned, it’s a good idea to salvage everything even if you don’t plan to use it in anyway.

There are six professions in The Elder Scrolls Online and all of them require certain ingredients, materials, or chemical reagents. There are good chances that you might stumble across some rare items which might not be useful to you, but they will certainly be useful to other players who are interested in crafting and lack certain materials.

Grab these materials and put them up on sale for a price. In this way, you will establish a relationship with other players and a long-term trading profession.

And while we’re on the subject of Trading, a good way to do this is to buy all stock of a particular material; say, Silver. In this way, other players will not be able to buy it from any other place and you would be able to sale it at your desired price point.

Selling Crafted Items
If you don’t wish to sale your items like aforesaid, you can always keep them to yourself and start crafting different items. This adds a nice little touch to the game and is very fun to be crafter! You can salvage these items and begin your own crafting profession.

In a world like Tamriel, danger lurks in every nook and corner and other players will always approach you for Weapon, Armor, Potions, and Poisons. 

Complete Dungeons and Dark Anchors
There are tons of Dungeons (Solo and Public) in The Elder Scrolls Online and these Dungeons are usually swarming with useful items. These items can be sold for Gold to local vendors and other players.

Fortunately, there is no restriction on playing these Dungeons for infinite times. By doing so, you’ll not only rack up Experience Points faster than other players, but you will also grab useful and rare items.

Select a Dungeon, get good at it, and start earning Gold. The only downside of this method is monotony.Another way of earning Gold is completing Dark Anchor Events. You’ll find a good amount of these events in Tamriel and completing them will provide you with rare items that can be sold or de-constructed for a higher price.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The best choice to buy cheap eso gold to enjoy your game

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Buy ESO Gold Enjoying Different Factions Trading

There are more and more people pay more attention to the game of ESO these days and some questions had occurred. How to trade if you are not in the same faction is one of the questions we met and we will talk about it to you. We think it will be helpful for some players who need to trade with his friends or others in different factions.

As you know, there are three factions which are Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant and Ebonheart Pact in the game. In general, you are not able to do business with others when you are in different factions in almost all games. But in this game you can trade ESO Gold and items with anybody at any faction with the following way.

If you are in Aldmeri Dominion and want to buy an item which belongs to a seller in another faction, you need to find the Bank of Daggerfall first (You can find a bank in any cities) and go there to talk to NPC. Select the Bank option then deposit your money you want. You can put the items which you want to trade in the bank too. Then log out the game to choose the character in that faction which is the seller in, (If you haven't got a character yet, then create a new character in that faction. Now you need to do some quests then you can get out of the born place to the city.) then find the bank and talk to the NPC, you can find that its possible to withdraw the money and items which you have deposited by your main character. Withdraw the gold or items that you want to trade After that you could contact each other to trade and accomplish it well.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Is there best place to buy eso gold

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How to use Dragonknight Standard?

Dragonknight Standard is the ulimate skill of fire damage when it gets level 12.It let you deal fire damage while going for either a tank or DPS role. Going for a Draconic Power build will give you more health regen and armor buffs for a tanking role. Ardent Flame is a DPS skill line with DOTs. Earthern Heart gives you more support options for your group. It is a favorite of ranged Dragonknights.

Dragonknight eso

Dragonknight Standard is very practical in large melee group of skills, it can effectively weaken the other therapists and increase our chance of winning.This ability is a dragon knight tanks and output work preferred skills, but don't forget, as the ultimate skill, it can have certain filling time.

How to use Dragonknight Standard ?
Dragonknight need penetrated deep into to the enemy using this big skill,and the more enemies injured , the more sucess you got .Use it to hit a single target is does not make sense.The skills to fully reflect the dragon knights face the great power of the enemy.

Your player group can launch chain converging attack Allies.The converging attack effect can be enemies freeze and cause more harm;At the same time, the anchor effect can make the enemy is hard to be sure and make you more damage sustained damage aura.When you have the ultimate value to release the dragon to ride a military flag, you should tell teammates and remind them not to miss use the best timing chain converging attack.You couldn't start the converging attack by yourself.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

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