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How to use Dragonknight Standard?

Dragonknight Standard is the ulimate skill of fire damage when it gets level 12.It let you deal fire damage while going for either a tank or DPS role. Going for a Draconic Power build will give you more health regen and armor buffs for a tanking role. Ardent Flame is a DPS skill line with DOTs. Earthern Heart gives you more support options for your group. It is a favorite of ranged Dragonknights.

Dragonknight eso

Dragonknight Standard is very practical in large melee group of skills, it can effectively weaken the other therapists and increase our chance of winning.This ability is a dragon knight tanks and output work preferred skills, but don't forget, as the ultimate skill, it can have certain filling time.

How to use Dragonknight Standard ?
Dragonknight need penetrated deep into to the enemy using this big skill,and the more enemies injured , the more sucess you got .Use it to hit a single target is does not make sense.The skills to fully reflect the dragon knights face the great power of the enemy.

Your player group can launch chain converging attack Allies.The converging attack effect can be enemies freeze and cause more harm;At the same time, the anchor effect can make the enemy is hard to be sure and make you more damage sustained damage aura.When you have the ultimate value to release the dragon to ride a military flag, you should tell teammates and remind them not to miss use the best timing chain converging attack.You couldn't start the converging attack by yourself.

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How to get hitched in The Elder Scrolls Online

Marriage makes a come-back in the Elder Scrolls Online. Instead of marrying NPCs like in Skyrim, you’ll be able to live happily ever after with other players. If you’re only in it for the experience bonus they never call this marriage. Think of it as a bond between two tightly knit adventurers. Or just call it marriage. Learn how to get hitched in Tamriel with the guide below.

To get married to other players, you’ll need a special item used in conjunction at a unique location. Learn more in each section below.

Required Item: The Pledge of Mara
The Pledge of Mara is a unique one-use item that allows one players to “marry” another. While teaming, the married players gain an additional +10% XP bonus.

The Pledge of Mara can only be used once, so use it wisely. According to ESO Support, players will be able to marry up to eight players per account. A married character cannot be re-married, and there is no divorce option currently. Once a bond is made, it is permanently attached to that character.

There’s only one way to collect a Pledge of Mara currently. Subscribers will need to purchase the upgraded Imperial Edition for 20$ to get the included Pledge of Mara. According to ESO Support, there will be other ways to earn the Pledge of Mara added at a later date.

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